The Myst: An Overview

The Myst is a luxury residential development situated in Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore. It’s composed of 76 units spread across five floors, making it a low-density housing option for those seeking privacy and exclusivity. The development offers a lavish selection of amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, and a sky terrace among others. It’s located close to several prestigious schools, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs, making it an attractive location for many property buyers and investors.

The Myst’s Impact on the Property Market

The Myst’s development has had a significant impact on the Upper Bukit Timah property market. Upon its opening, it sparked a slew of new high-end residential developments in the area. Some analysts have cited a “waterfall effect” from the Myst’s success, inspiring other developers to create similarly luxurious housing options in the vicinity. This has created stiff competition in the market, driving up prices and making Upper Bukit Timah one of the most expensive areas in Singapore to live in.

The Myst’s impact on the property market can be clearly seen in the cost of properties in the area. Property prices in Upper Bukit Timah have risen significantly since the development’s opening, with the average price per square foot being around SGD 2,500. Additionally, the development has raised property values of other nearby developments, making it a lucrative location for property sellers and investors alike.

The Myst’s Impact on Upper Bukit Timah’s Lifestyle

The Myst’s luxurious amenities and proximity to upscale establishments have had a transformative impact on Upper Bukit Timah’s lifestyle. The area has become a hub for the affluent, attracting people seeking a comfortable and elegant living experience. The development’s amenities have allowed Upper Bukit Timah residents to enjoy high-class facilities without having to travel far from their homes. Its proximity to international schools and renowned shopping malls has made Upper Bukit Timah an excellent location to raise families and enjoy a quality lifestyle.


The Myst’s impact on Upper Bukit Timah is undeniable. Its luxurious amenities, exclusive status, and prime location have made it a highly sought-after development. It has transformed the area into a luxurious enclave, attracting high-end buyers and investors seeking a premium living experience. Its impact on the property market has been significant, raising property values in the area and inspiring other developers to create luxurious residential options in the vicinity. In conclusion, The Myst has not only altered Upper Bukit Timah’s urban landscape but also created a new standard of living in the area. If you’re looking to delve even further into the topic, the myst We’ve specially prepared this external content, where you’ll find valuable information to broaden your knowledge.

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